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I cannot WAIT to catch up!

If I haven't made it loud and clear already, let me say it now: I can't wait to get you back in my chair, and catch up on EVERYTHING!

As we've spent some time apart this summer, I put together this little welcome back page to give you a proper welcome back, and put a few updates/upgrades in your back pocket!  

The info below should leave you feeling prepped and ready for our time together, but please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! As always, I'm an email gal, and you can always contact me at

I can't wait to see you soon!

Xo- Kelli

Steps to Book:


A few pro tips:

It's been a MINUTE since we huddled up around a bowl of color and our world's greatest recent stories, and I'm ready to bring you my absolute best upon return.

I've compiled a few questions that will help me map out how to BEST use our time together, and would love for you to fill it out prior to our appointment! You can access that short and sweet form by clicking here

As always, when you arrive for your appointment, please prance right on in and make yourself at home. We're fully stocked on sparkling drinks in the mini fridge, snacks on the bar, and chargers to give your electronics a midday boost. 

Didn't yet make your return appointment? No problem! I'll be opening my books for October come September 1st, and you'll be invited to jump on my online booking system to reserve an appointment then. If we haven't seen each other in six months or more, please head to my New Guest page to select a welcome package, as we will need to reconnect, have a few extra minutes for an extended consultation, and reevaluate your hair goals!

Appointment Day!


1. I'll spoil you rotten with every beverage and snack at my disposal, but please feel free to bring anything in addition to what we have that will make you (and your belly) feel comfortable during out time together.

2. I am extremely cautious to not spill color or chemicals on my guests clothing, but capes are not foolproof. Please arrive for your appointment in clothes you wouldn't cry over, and clothes that do not disrupt your natural hairline (turtlenecks and hairstylists are not friends) 

3. Speaking of clothing, I'd love to take your photo at the conclusion of our appointment! Would you consider wearing a black, white, or tan solid colored shirt?

4. Please arrive to your appointment with clean dry hair. The cleaner the hair, the less the chemicals have to flex to make their mark, and therefore, the more gentle your haircolor process will be on your hair.

5. No need to get outrageously dolled up for your appointment, but if you are loyal to a daily makeup regimen, please wear it for your appointment. My goal is to always enhance your natural beauty while incorporating the (artificially) polished details of your haircolor and skin tone into a cohesive finished look. Also, speaking from experience, staring at yourself in a mirror for 3 hours with a bare face is, uhh, let's say it's just not in line with our confidence enhancing experience. 

6. Cold and flu season is here- gross! If you're sick, please stay home.


Please take a few moments to re-familiarize yourself with our salon policies:

Add On's

My add on menu is available to add on to any existing service- just let me know at the beginning of our time together that you're interested in one of the add on's listed below, and I'd be more than happy to accommodate it (as time allows) during our time together.

Eyebrow Wax $16

Lip Wax $10

Brow tint: $25

Seasonal Hair Mask: $20

Want to Jump on My Cancellation List?

Perfect- I've got you covered!

1. Go to Facebook, and search my "Kelli's VIP Client Chat", or request to join by clicking here and keep your eyes peeled! This is my virtual cancelation list!

2. Feel free to check back on Vagaro!

3. Follow me on social media- I will post last minute openings here

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