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Hi! I'm Kelli-

I'm about as close to being a Colorado native as they come. I grew up in an adorable little mountain town just west of Colorado Springs, and settled down here, in the "big city" in my early twenties. 

I can actually remember the first time I got my hair colored. My mom begged me to swap my wishes for a spiral perm (remember those?!) to a partial highlight, and let me tell ya': I was hooked. I had never felt more myself in my life, and I wanted to keep the brightness of my blonde and scent of the color used to craft that blonde as close to me as possible. I take pride in bringing that same obsessed with your hair vibe into every color I craft behind the chair, and make sure to send you out the door and back into your world with the tools you need to maintain the fresh-hair-feeling every day until we see each other again! 

I opened Lush and Lather on the cusp of my ten year hairdresser anniversary, and have never felt more fulfilled in my career. My best work is showcased in my blonding, my dimensional color work, and my unique approach to graceful gray management. I keep this puppy at home because I don't want to be that guy, but I actually have a trophy for hair color. I'll be the first to admit that that is one heck of a humble brag, but my point is to communicate my commitment to excellence in crafting customized color for my clients- and let you in on my greatest addiction: professional color continued ed. I've maintained a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education for the last 7 years, and can't imagine an end in sight to that!


That little crew in the photo? Those are my my greatest treasures and co-explorers. Any time I'm not whipping up gorgeous color in the salon? You can find me with them, somewhere in the mountains, covered in sunscreen, google reviewing my way to our lunch spot of the day.


My husband and I are doting new parents to our baby boy, Ezra James. We like to keep things a little on the crazy side- both running flourishing small businesses, chasing fitness dreams, and carving out time for travel as much as we can. 

When I've got an afternoon with a clear slate- you'll find me at my favorite coffee spot in town, walking my sweet pups around our neighborhood, or trying my hand at a new paleo recipe. 

If you are ready to jump in my chair, chat all topics from Colorado's hidden gems to Old Colorado City's new hottest tapa's spot, let's get you booked for the best hair of your life. Click here for scheduling. 

Can't wait to connect!

xo- kelli

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