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Colorado Springs Hair Stylist empowering local women to feel effortlessly beautiful and intentionally cared for with modern, dimensional, expertly crafted color solutions.

Kick back and refill your cup in our approachable luxury experience while we swap stories and I remind you of all the good you bring to the world.

The new guest experience

meet kelli

Hi, I'm Kelli- and I'm so glad you're here! I can't wait to get to know you and your beautiful hair, but in the meantime, here's a little bit about me!

Get to know my services

Here's what I can tell you- you've never met a more passionate colorist, and I've never believed in anything more than my dimensional color method to bring my clients efficient, professional, creative color solutions. Let's dive in-

Let's get you booked 

Booking your first appointment with me is simple. We pick your package, I send you a link to my calendar, and you pick out a date and time that works best for you! Ready to browse? Come with me, here!

what can i offer you



I've spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning from the best of the best to be able to bring you modern dimensional color services through my efficient highlighting process



With over two decades of customer service experience, I aim to bring you a high level predictability, professionalism, and service



I spend my days pampering Colorado Springs' most impressive women and nobody is more deserving of a few hours of peace, being taken care of, having their cup filled 



“It took me a long time to find a salon that I loved and a stylist that I trusted. Kelli and Lush + Lather is all that and more. Whatever vision you bring in with you, Kelli is going to work her hardest to make that dream a reality. More than that, you leave feeling like you had the greatest girls day out with your best friend. Kelli is more than a stylist, she becomes your friend and invests in even the smallest details of your life. All while leaving you with hair that makes you feel your most beautiful self.“

- Emily H.


“I can not recommend this salon enough. Getting my hair done was a task I used to dread but ever since I started seeing Kelli for my cut and color needs four years ago I look forward to my appointments with as much enthusiasm as I would a luxury spa day! Kelli is so talented, she really takes the time to listen to what I am looking for, and she magically takes whatever picture I have in my head and brings it to life EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! The atmosphere in the salon is so relaxing and friendly and I always leave feeling refreshed and pampered“

-Clara D.

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