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How to Book Online!

Online booking can be your best friend, IF you know how to do it- and good news! I'm here to break it down for ya!

Ready for a tutorial? 

Let's do this thing! 

First things first, you are going to want to figure out what service you are looking to schedule. Need a cheat sheet? Head on over to my services page by clicking here to browse what you get done. To simplify: if you get highlights, you will need to narrow down how much coverage you'd like to get done (options will be face frame, partial, 3/4, or full!). If you get a root color AND highlights, you'll still need to pick what kind of coverage you will want with your highlights, but I'll assume you want ALL of your roots done! And, last but not least, you'll want to make a mental note of if your hair is EXTRA long or curly, you'll be selecting the length to match- if not, you'll be selecting the "precision cut" option.


Okay! So you've got the service DOWN. Now, you'll be heading over to my online booking site, by clicking here. 

Once this has opened in a separate window, follow these instructions:

1. Click "Book Now".

2. Select "any service providers", and then select "Kelli Stephenson".

3. You'll then click on "Select Service", and scroll to "Kelli's Existing Guests".

4. You will select your color service FIRST.

5. Next, you'll be directed to the same screen, and this time, you'll select the green button that says "+ Add Service". You will scroll right back to "Kelli's Existing Guests", and then search for your haircut, or brow wax- whatever your additional service is!

6. Next, select the coral button that says "Search"!

7. From here, you will want to select the "Next Available date", to be presented with the next available date and time available!

8. You're free to select the option that works best for you! Once you do so, you'll need to enter your contact info, and credit card. Your card will not be charged, unless you no show the appointment. 

9. Once the day, time, and service have been submitted on your end, it will pop up on my end! As long as the timing works out- your request will be APPROVED and we will make it a date! (*if the timing doesn't quite work or there is another issue, the appointment will be denied.)


Want to Jump on My Cancellation List?

Perfect- I've got you covered!

1. Go to Facebook, and join my "Kelli's VIP Client Chat". Request to join here and keep your eyes peeled! This is my virtual cancelation list!

2. Feel free to check back on Vagaro!

3. Follow me on social media- I will post last minute openings here

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